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Photos for YOUR Viewing Pleasure

So this is basically the same entry I pasted in my journal, but I though you all may like some shots from the concert, so cheers:

Ben Harper Brisbane Riverstage 2006 Concert Photos

We got really close to the stage, so we were very very very lucky. Here's our three main men- Ben and those Innocent Criminals

Random, but truly awesome, Jack Johnson turned up to play "High Tide or Low Tide" with Ben.

Slide Guitar.... So good

Close up... Couldn't help myself.

and finally, one for the road... It was a great show.

Altogether he played 25 songs, it was bliss.

For those of you who even care, they were;

• Diamonds On The Inside
• Glory & Consequence
• Excuse Me Mr.
• Homeless Child
• Gold To Me
• Forgiven
• Happy Everafter In Your Eyes
• Morning Yearning
• Waiting For You
• Black Rain
• Wicked Man
• Temporary Remedy
• Amen Omen
• With My Own Two Hands/War
• Another Lonely Day
• Walk Away
• Pleasure And Pain
• High Tide Or Low Tide (With Jack)
• Forever
• Welcome To The Cruel World
• Where Could I Go
• Get It Like You Like It
• Burn One Down
• Steal My Kisses
• Better Way

and that my friends, is that
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